Howto long-term debug with beroNet's tool "PowerDebug"

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What is it ?

In many cases problems are not reproducable immediately because they are happening not every time. Or, sometimes audio would be needed inside the trace, and therefore the capacity doesn't reach, or, or, or. Like everyone knows, maybe, beroNet gateways have not much capacity to store traces, that's why often traces are not complete or overwritten with other data, and the sitiuation which was want to be investigated is not included. For all these cases we made "PowerDebug". This tool consists of a server and a client application. The server is written in Java and can run anywhere where a Java VM (JRE) is installed. The client is an App which can be installed on a beroNet gateway.

Install PowerDebug server as Windows Service

You want to run the server under Windows as Windows Service ? No problem, here are the steps you need to do so:

  1. Download PowerDebug-Package from here:
  2. Unpack zip-file to a directory you want to run this tool and receive traces
  3. You'll get a new directory named "powerdebug-<version>", in which <version> stands for the installed PowerDebug version.
  4. Go to this directory and execute install "install-service.bat" as administrator