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<td width="50%">Current Firmware version 1.56 for all berofos devices</td><td>[http://www.beronet.com/downloads/berofos/bnfos_v156.bin bnfos_v156.bin]</td>
<td width="50%">Current Firmware version 1.57 for all berofos devices</td><td>[http://www.beronet.com/downloads/berofos/bnfos_v157.bin bnfos_v157.bin]</td>

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Quick Installation Guide for all berofix devicesQuick-Installation-Guide.pdf
berofix firmware:
Current 1.X appfs firmware for all berofix baseboardsappfs-1.13.tar.gz
Current 2.X appfs firmware for all berofix baseboardsappfs-2.3-sp2.tar.gz
All other appfs firmware versions for berofix baseboardsfirmware_versions
The beroFix Firmware uses GPL Software, find out more about itGPL
berofix fpga firmware
Current fpga firmware for all berofix baseboardsberofix-fpga-8.tar.gz
berofix tools
bfdetect tool for Linuxbfdetect.tar.gz
bfdetect tool for Windowsbfdetect_win_x86.zip
beroFix additional Fax tools
Compiled binaries for t38modem for win32t38modem-win-i386.zip
Static Compiled binaries for t38modem for Linux 32/64t38modem-bin.tar.gz
Other t38modem stufft38modem_stuff
beroFix useful scripts
Some useful scripts for berofixscripts

beroFix Apps
Asterisk App Asterisk
Asterisk Sounds App Asterisk Sounds
beroNet Open PBX App (requires asterisk and asterisk Sounds) beroNet Open PBX

berofos firmware:
Current Firmware version 1.57 for all berofos devicesbnfos_v157.bin
All other firmware Versionsfirmware_versions
berofos tools
berofos tools Linuxbntools.tar.gz
berofos tools for Windowsbntools.rar
berofos User Manual
berofos User Manual DEberofos User Manual DE
berofos User Manual ENberofos User Manual DE

Other Tools
Realtek Advanced DiagnosticTools and Drivers for Realtek Chipset
Intel Advanced DiagnosticTools and Drivers for Intel Network Chipset