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<td width="50%">beroCapi</td><td>[http://www.beronet.com/downloads/berofix/scripts/ beroCapi]</td>
<td width="50%">beroCapi</td><td>[http://www.beronet.com/downloads/berofix/berocapi/beroCapi_current.exe beroCapi]</td>

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Quick Installation Guide for all berofix devicesQuick-Installation-Guide.pdf
berofix firmware:
Current 1.X appfs firmware for all berofix baseboardsappfs-1.13.tar.gz
Current 2.X appfs firmware for all berofix baseboardsappfs-2.2.tar.gz
All other appfs firmware versions for berofix baseboardsfirmware_versions
berofix fpga firmware
Current fpga firmware for all berofix baseboardsberofix-fpga-8.tar.gz
berofix tools
bfdetect tool for Linuxbfdetect.tar.gz
bfdetect tool for Windowsbfdetect_win_x86.zip
beroFix additional Fax tools
Compiled binaries for t38modem for win32t38modem-win-i386.zip
Static Compiled binaries for t38modem for Linux 32/64t38modem-bin.tar.gz
Other t38modem stufft38modem_stuff
beroFix useful scripts
Some useful scripts for berofixscripts

berofos firmware:
Current Firmware version 1.53 for all berofos devicesbnfos_v153.bin
All other firmware Versionsfirmware_versions
berofos tools
berofos tools Linuxbntools.tar.gz
berofos tools for Windowsbntools.rar
berofos User Manual
berofos User Manual DEberofos User Manual DE
berofos User Manual ENberofos User Manual DE