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So what's an UserApp?

berofix is able to provide additional services beside its gateway functionality. This is made possible through the berofix application framework, an easy to use solution that lets developers create applications to be run on the embedded berofix plattform.

Sample applications like the asterisk telephony framework are provided by beroNet to show how powerful such apps can be.

beroFix Apps Documentation

Find out how the beroFix Filesystem Layout looks like.

Get Started with Developing and use the beroFix Apps Documentation.

Learn howto develop apps by example apps like Hello World.

Learn more about baf in the baf Introduction.

Apps consists mainly of modules, check out the baf modules page.

Cross compiling Linux tools to run them as part of an app on the beroNet Gateway baf for cross compiling

The beroFix App Ecosystem


The beroFix App Ecosystem shows the developer who creates nice apps and uploads them to the beroCloud. The users can buy those apps from the beroNet store and download them to their beroFix devices.

Checkout all public apps on our app-store

How does the Framework work?

The beroFix application framework, short baf, is used to create, compile and an installable package of an application.

Please read the baf Introduction while you make your first steps with UserApps and baf.

baf is developed in a git repository, you can get the lastest version with:

git clone

A gzipped tarball of the baf package is also available. It can be retrieved here:

Before installing an app on your berofix make sure to use AppFS with version 2.2rc or higher, a pre-release can be found here:

I want to become a beroFix Developer

Very Good! Start getting baf and get in touch with us.

As a beroFix developer you will get access to developer support, your created application will be tested by our Test-Team and you can decide to publish them to the beroFix user-comunity. It will also be possible to sell your application through our beronet online shop in the future.

Also Join our berofix development Group!

Sample Userapps

Here you can find more information on userapps and sample apps BeroFix Userapps.

Open PBX

The beroNet Open PBX is a berofix app, that creates config files for the Asterisk App. It is hosted on github and stands under the MIT License:

It's very basic feature set consists of:

  • Multilingual PBX (English and German available);
  • SIP phone registration;
  • Provisioning of SNOM phones (auto-configuration);
  • Call groups which enables several phone to ring at the same time when one caller calls;
  • Shared phone book;
  • Configuration of SIP provider;
  • Inbound and outbound routing i.e. dialplan;
  • DISA (Direct Inward System Access);
  • Voice-mail (personalized voice mail for each terminal);
  • Internal Analog or ISDN Phones;
  • External Connections to ISDN, Analog, GSM;
  • The PBX can also be implemented with our GSM module and enables you to configure some GSM special app

Find more Info and Docs here: beroPBX/openPBX app

Appliance Ecosystem

The beroNet Appliance V2 runs a xen-based hypervisor. The beroNet GUI allows to create and manage VMS from a webbrowser. The beroNet Appliance OS consumes very little of the Appliances' ressources and leaves most ressources to the VMs.

The beroNet GUI allows also to download VM - Apps and ISO files from the beroNet market and from trusted markets of beroNet's technology partners.

A new beroNet technology partner that wants to create his own market and make it a beroNet trusted market should have a defined filesystem layout and a json file describing his market and his apps. For more infos see:

How to create an appliance repository