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A very basic sample app including an asterisk module can be found here:

We developed the asterisk package with git, so the latest version can be fetched with:

git clone git://

The installable package can be found here:

It features:

  • Starting Asterisk on SIP Port 25060
  • Creating a SIP Account (berofix-trunk) for the berofix where it runs on

The asterisk app searches for other installed apps. If it finds an installed app which contains asterisk configuration files, then it will include those files. This means that other apps don't need to carry their own asterisk binary, but can simply build on this one.

More Info here: UserApp API Reference#asterisk


An app based on the asterisk app, it features:

  • Creating 10 SIP Accounts for Phones
  • Phones can reach each other directly
  • Phones can reach the trunk by using 0 as prefix
  • A Webpage that explains these features

All the configuration files can be found in


to get the asterisk CLI you need to specify where asterisk finds it configuration file:

/apps/asterisk/bin/asterisk -r

The installable package can be downloaded here:


A web [t]elephony [i]ntegration app. It provides a REST-full API which controls different asterisk functions. It is based on the asterisk app.

It contains a firefox plugin (FF V10 needed), which provides a simple click2dial feature, which allows calling numbers from websites with just a mouse-click.

The configuration is done via the URL: "about:config". Simply search for "click2dial" and the parameters will show up.

The installable package can be downloaded here: