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New Release Organisation

We have decided to change our current firmware versioning scheme to a new one that reflects a continuous delivery of software. We have been successfully using agile development (SCRUM) in the past 2 years which results in higher quality and faster delivery of our software. For such a development method our old way of releasing firmware wasn't appropriate anymore. The new versioning scheme will have the last 2 digits of the current year and an incrementing 2 digit number in it:


As an example our first firmware in 2016 is the 16.01 (equals to the 3.1 firmware), the next one will be 16.02. The first one in 2017 will be 17.01. This scheme is comparable to the Ubuntu versioning scheme.

Old Release Organisation

There are 2 kinds of firmware verions, Releases and Patches. The Releases are divided in Major and Minor releases. Minor Releases with the same Major will receive only security fixes and general bugfixes. Newer Major Releases might contain newer features. Between 2 Minor Releases there might be multiple Patch-Releases.

The Firmware Name for a Release is then


The Firmware Name for a Patch is then


This page will contain information about the current release and about the changes between each release, where the newest release is the most recent entry.

We try to release a minor release every quarter of a year and a major between 1-2 years.

FGPA Versions

Version 8 - 13.10.2011

Added GSM Support

Version 6 - 07.12.2010

Added Analog Support
Added PCM Bridging Support

16.x BETA- Firmware

16.05 - 27.01.2017

  • fixed a ressource leak on SIP->SIP calls
  • reworked session handling for dialplan debug for more security
  • reworked GUI session handling. GUI is now more secure as its files can only be accessed via the GUI
  • new_source_auto will now use TON_SUBSCRIBER as default

16.04 - 22.12.2016

  • fixed error storing "more settings" in dialplan
  • fixed limitation on density of inbound SIP calls

16.03 - 29.11.2016

  • new responsive GUI
  • new logging facilities
  • new config option skip_setup_ack
  • new config option resync_on_notify
  • new config option isdn_dad_setting
  • new config option dialtone_digits
  • added dialplan variable new_destination_auto
  • fixed VLAN issues
  • fixed problem with dialplan copy and multiple delete
  • fixed SMS problems
  • fixed problem with SIP info messaged on FXS calls
  • try option 67 on DHCP if option 67 is missing
  • display name in register requests now in quotes
  • in-call ISDN Information messages will now converted to DTMF
  • fixed some minor issues in the GUI
  • fixed problem with provisioning polling
  • fixed config option outgoing_bchannels
  • new API functions
  • netconfigserver is now configurable
  • improved qsig name handling
  • support for DNS SRV
  • minimum accepted session expires now configurable

16.02 - 16.08.2016

  • ACL Settings are now kept after Factory Reset
  • new log files (SIP traffic and system load)
  • ISDN TE now default for PRI ports
  • added X-BF_ORIGIN SIP header (configurable)
  • fixed memory leaks when using berocapi
  • fixed VLAN problems
  • fixed problem on ISDN->SIP calls when receiving multiple provisional responses with different SDP content
  • fixed some GUI issues
  • fixed backup/restore problem with FXO settings
  • fixed dialplan import problem
  • fixed bug with failover_proxy config option
  • fixed possible wrong target destination on T38 reinvite
  • fixed problem with CDR download
  • fixed problem with GUI dialplan debug
  • added SIP Profiles online Update Support

16.01 - 14.06.2016

Notable changes to 3.0 FW branch:

  • improved SIP->SIP performance
  • SIP groups now allow to configure proxy, registrar and domain name separately
  • one file provisioning
  • new api
  • improved wizards
  • low level architectural changes and improvements
  • improved handling of ISDN messages
  • added ENUM support for SIP calls
  • GUI now has an easy and an advanced mode
  • reworked GUI session handling. GUI is now more secure as its files can only be accessed via the GUI

3.0 STABLE - Firmware

3.0.17 - 03.02.2017

  • bugfix factory reset

3.0.16 - 18.01.2017

  • fixed return code for provisioning

3.0.16 - 18.01.2017

  • fixed return code for provisioning

3.0.15 - 12.01.2017

  • reworked session handling for dialplan debug for more security

3.0.14 - 10.01.2017

  • reworked GUI session handling. GUI is now more secure as its files can only be accessed via the GUI
  • new_source_auto will now use TON_SUBSCRIBER as default

3.0.13 - 29.11.2016

  • new config option skip_setup_ack
  • new config option dialtone_digits for FXS inbound cals
  • new config option emergency
  • display name in register requests now in quotes
  • in-call ISDN Information messages will now converted to DTMF
  • fixed config option outgoing_bchannels
  • bugfix gsm provisioning
  • fixed problem with SIP info messaged on FXS calls
  • fixed problem with SDP offers containing 16000Hz Codecs

3.0.12 - 03.08.2016

  • fixed issue when using vlan
  • fixed memory leak
  • fixed 1SU support bug
  • fixed issue when using sip failover proxy
  • fixed problem with t38 re-invite
  • fixed SDP evaluation issue when receiving multiple 180 messages

3.0.11 - 14.06.2016

  • authenticating of SIP BYE is now configurable
  • fixed no audio issues with GSM line interface
  • fixed ISDN double call reference issue

3.0.10 - 12.04.2016

  • fixed backup and restore issue

3.0.09 - 07.04.2016

  • now correctly updating dialplan when name of SIP peer changed
  • added facility_passthrough config option
  • fixed no audio issue on devices containing a GSM line interface
  • api fixes for backport of cloud functions
  • new api function for configuration of berocloud

3.0.08 - 04.03.2016

  • fixed bug in api with smsget
  • fixed bug in RTP processing when payload with value 100 was offered
  • fixed issue not correctly using externip
  • fixed issue in automatic number reformatting on isdn2sip calls
  • fixed wrong setting of presentation and screen in ISDN Connected Party Number when numbering plan was set different from default
  • fixed bug when provisioning register_options
  • fixed no audio problem on gateways containing two GSM line interfaces
  • new api

3.0.07 - 04.02.2016

  • Fixed possible crash while reloading SIP peers
  • Fix for smssend2 api command
  • Fix for getcdr api command

3.0.06 - 15.01.2016

  • Fixed problem with portswitch option
  • Added support for new Mindspeed processor

3.0.05 - 15.01.2016

  • Fixed bug in 16 FXS wizard
  • Fixed bug with rtp_traffic_check option
  • rtp_traffic_check option: check interval is now configurable
  • SIP bye messages will now be authenticated if necessary
  • now playing busy tone if FXS->SIP call is rejected with 486 response
  • Fixed SDP problem, when incoming media offer was disabled by setting port to 0
  • Fixed problem caused by DNS resolving: in an existing SIP dialog always use the same IP address

3.0.04 - 18.11.2015

  • Fixed some E1 MFCR2 issues
  • Fixed issue on FXO when using etsi-dtmf CID detection
  • Fixed 3CX Wizard issue
  • Added toneset for argentina
  • Added following new SIP matchtype settings: contact and request url user
  • Changed config option for aoc: now uses vertical bars instead of semicolon as separator
  • Now logging cloud errors
  • Increased https certificate maximum size

3.0.03 - 12.10.2015

  • Fixed a problem in Analog FSK CID Detection
  • Fixed a problem in Analog FSK CID Generation
  • Fixed a problem with rejected GSM calls
  • Fixed an issue with SIP source IP when VLAN was enabled
  • Fixed a problem generating Analog Call Progress Tones
  • Fixed a problem not handling SIP reject cause 484 correctly, after SIP Ringing has been received
  • Fixed problem with SIP authentication during FXS-HOLD Re-Invite

3.0.02 - 18.08.2015

  • Fixed a problem when upgrading to 3.0 Firmware after a hardware factory reset has been performed
  • Fixed a problem with analog DTMF Caller ID detection when more than one analog port was configured
  • Compatibility fix for usage with new bfdetect tool

3.0.01 - 07.08.2015

  • Fixed a backup and restore problem when updating from 2.x FW

3.0 - 05.08.2015


  • Mass Functions: more flexible dialplan, allowing for bulk deletion/activation/deactivation of rules
  • SIP 2 SIP Rules
  • Match-Type To-User by SIP Account
  • Matchtype Any


  • Transport Protocol per SIP Peer
  • NAT-Options (incl. STUN)
  • ENUM - Option available
  • CLEARMODE - Codec (RFC4040)
  • Advanced Caller-ID / Called-ID Party Management
  • SIP - Arrays
  • SIP to SIP (limited to two calls)
  • added automatic Caller-ID Detection identification to detect which SIP Field contains the callerid
  • SIP Contact header can now be manipulated
  • simple configuration of an array of SIP peers allowing for easy setup of multiple FXS ports
  • Matchtype Manual: allowed IP addresses can now be configured in the SIP Peer settings
  • SIP Profiles allowing for easier account configuration for certain VoIP providers


  • Automatic - TON Detection
  • T1 - PRI & CAS
  • E1 - MFC/R2
  • several Supplementary-Services: MLPP, E-Call, ...
  • ISDN AOC-D - Pattern Generator
  • Support for PROGRESS and FACILITY messages on ISDN NT

Analog FXS:

  • MWI (per FSK and Stutter tone)
  • HOLD, Retrieve, Transfer
  • Analog Arrays

Analog FXO:

  • added FXO Callprogress tables


  • permanent L1: support for permanent Layer 1 on BRI PMP Ports


  • Second - DNS
  • Advanced ACLs

Provisioning / Zerotouch:

  • complete provisioning per DHCP


  • Market
  • couple of apps available

FW Update:

  • per URL
  • per list from beroNet Webserver


  • GUI now HTTPS securable

Various Features:

  • optimized memory usage
  • added support for GSM Gateway line
  • renamed numplan settings to Type Of Number (e.g. dnumplan is dton now)
  • hostname changeable
  • VoIP Wizard
  • support for HTTP Proxy Server for cloud connection
  • support for different cloud server URLs (for onsite cloud)

3.X BETA - Firmware

The 3.X BETA Firmware has numerous new features compared to the 2.X Stable Firmware. It has been tested very deeply, to have a comparable stability as the 2.x firmware. Though it is not intended to be used in critical production environments.

Please check the Procude for Updating from 2.x to 3.x Firmware before updating from 2.x to 3.x

The most important new Features at a glance are:

2. Apps Market
3. beroCloud Onsite Support
4. Basic SIP2SIP (Session Border Controller) Support
5. Extremly simple VoIP PBX Wizard for easier Setup

2.X Stable - Firmware

The 2.X Firmware Series replaces the 1.X Series in 2011. It has numerous new features including basic support for Analog (FXO and FXS). But is has also most applicable bugfixes from the 1.X release.

Most hardware related Features require an FPGA Update to at least Version 6. Please Note the Howto update the FPGA on this matter.

Please have a look at our growing Documentation V2.

For berofix API users please note the API Changelog.

NOTE: Please make sure, that you are at a Firmware >= 1.12 BEFORE updating to 2.X 
            ALSO: make sure that you did a "red Activate" with this new Firmware (e.g. 1.13rc10)
NOTE 2: It might happen that after the upgrade your current configuration is lost. We advise you to backup  
      your configuration.
NOTE 3: When Upgrading from 2.0-beta-3 to 2.0rcX it might be necessary to Save+Activate the SIP Accounts

2.3-sp3 - 18.12.2014

NEW: support for multi-part SMS
NEW: config option dtmftune added
NEW: SIP auth_username and displayname can now be configured in the SIP group
NEW: config option disable_bridging added
NEW: added tones configuration for Malaysia

FIXED: GSM port re-intitializing automatically if initialization failed 
FIXED: not automatically releasing layer 3 in ISDN
FIXED: better handling and performance of remote PCM bridging
FIXED: improved SIP REFER handling
FIXED: analog ports greater than 8 can now be configured directly in the dialplan
FIXED: removed memory leak triggered by incoming SIP MESSAGE requests
FIXED: resolved issue when using STUN server
FIXED: on incoming SIP calls now correctly setting contact header when externip or STUN server are used
FIXED: goretX telnet option now displaying results properly
FIXED: fixed voice channel processing problem when using RFC_2833 RTP events with certain payload types
FIXED: fixed bug storing/restoring ISDN clock setting
FIXED: DHCP client does not exit after obtaining lease anymore
FIXED: fixed errors when displaying PSTN-PSTN calls in the GUI

2.3-sp2 - 18.11.2013

config option isdn_destination_field added

FIXED: wrong translation of HTML characters in SIP REFER
FIXED: handling of SIP usernames containing '@' character
FIXED: failing initial registration to the berocloud
FIXED: ring voltage now can be set for 8FXS

2.3-sp1 - 03.09.2013

now disabling rfc2833_dtmf_passthrough if dtmfmode is INBAND or SIPINFO
config options remove_empty_display_quotes now applies to PAI, RPI and PPI values too
using value of new_destination instead of destination as fromDeflectedNumber when executing a CallDeflection

FIXED: problem of failed SIP Re-Registering occurring when registrar was down
FIXED: problem of internal PSTN->PSTN calls when externip has been set
FIXED: problem with SDP-less Re-Invite during an active call
FIXED: incorrect rejection of unsupported media in incoming Re-Invite
FIXED: incorrect handling of incoming REFER with Replaces
FIXED: incorrect encoding of ISDN LLC IE

2.3 - 01.07.2013

new config option disable_prack allow to disable 100rel support for outgoing INVITES, fixes problem with answers for forked calls
new config option t38_reinvite, T.38 reinvite behaviour can now be configured
new config option override, incoming ISDN presentation and screen values can now be overridden
new config option extra_filter, allowing advanced filter settings in the dialplan (e.g. matching the bearer capability)
channel selection method can now be configured for ANALOG and GSM port groups
improvements and corrections for log messages
new config options isdn_progress_location and isdn_progress_indicator allow to set the corresponding values in ISDN response
type of number for ISDN oad now by default set to subscriber
SBL support for 3CX wizard
added 8FXS support

FIXED: updated lighttpd, fixes potential data corruption on file upload
FIXED: incorrect handling of GSM busy
FIXED: bug when using FXO portswitch option
FIXED: lost SIP registration and corresponding memory leak
FIXED: race condition leading to loss of an ISDN channel

2.2-sp2 - 11.04.2013

fixed callforwarding issue with sipXecs, improved replaces handling 
added workaround for sim detection problem (SIM Failure) occurring during gsm initialization
improvement of RFC2833 handling and added config option rfc2833_dtmf_passthrough, by default this is on now
added 8FXS Module support
added configuribility of ISDN progress indicator and location
GUI internationalization improvements
fixed early_audio!=1 in FXO and GSM
improved faxdetection (at least 300ms faxtone in first 10s) for fax_redirection
made contact header configurable (by contact_user, contact_display .. variables)
added default isdn-cause 28 to 484 mapping
reduced memory usage
bugfix when a lot of SIP Accounts where configured (>>10)
now coping with username containing @ character in contact string (SIP)
improved calldeflect handling
added support transparent g722 passthrough over isdn (from berofix to berofix)
added support for beroFix Small Business Line (1S0, 2S0, analog..)
gui bugfix for tls certificate upload
fixed starting safeguard
fixed minor bug in failover handling
removed gsm codec from gui, because it's not supported anyway
fixed singapur tone detections settings
improved fsk caller id parsing function (analog), now parsing SDMF and MDMF CIDs
improved SIP registration handling
added GSM Status and POTS Status to SNMP
added berocloud proxy support
bugfixes in Refer-Handling (X-Capi and Swyx)
added telnet command for sending ECT
apps can now access isgw.cdr
fxs to sip bugfix, now an empty dad can find a dialplan match
sending cause 34 on callwaiting by default (isdn)
unified cdr columns for inbound and oubtound calls
fixed backup&restore issue with disabled dialplan entries
added gsm telnet commands to send USSD codes
added aocd to cdr
gui bugfixes
gui bugfix in callprogress table (ISDN-SIP 
added npi, screening and pres and prefix settings to configure ISDN numbering plan
added config option dtmfdpar for fine tuning of dtmf detector

2.2-sp1 - 09.11.2012

cz - analog tones fixed
gui de lang fixes
dialplan debug fixes for analog
numerous gsm fixes, including sms handling, a small memleak, no-audio problems, initialization and stability 
sip contact header fixes (now uses account username)
clir_on_oad setting now by default "anonymous"
cid_gen_time config option added, to enhance the display of callerid and timing on FXS ports
bri hardware has now a crystal clock option for the island mode (external sip, internal isdn)
the cdr is now accessible by the http-api
fixed CPN Type Of Number in cad encoding (isdn) 
added fxo_cid_detection_mode for alternative CID transports
dialplan searches now also in the comment
spurios race condition fixed, which could cause a crash when dtmfs and hangups where received at the same time
added analog to SNMP
supporting 140 SIP Accounts now
improved cloud registration a little 
added luxembourg tone settings
ommiting "@" in contact user, if the username is empty (sip)  
added misc section in GUI which contains the userapp configurations and experimental options
added alert_on_cd option, which can be used to disable the sending of an alerting when a partial rerouting is issued
added basic stun support in external ip, it can now contain extern_ip: stun=$stunserver

2.2 - 04.07.2012

added Apps Support
Fulltrace has now ISDN logrotate for long term fulltraces
Faxdetect improvements for TE->SIP Faxcalls (to start T38)
improved system.log performance
added IMEI and IMSI Printing on state screen for GSM Modules
major improvements for GSM stack, much more robust now
added "reject_calls_under_load" option for really high density callcenter solutions
added GSM debugtool support for fulltrace
major GUI improvements which enhances the GUI speed a lot
added SIP Source IP Adddress in CDR
fixes for 1.X to 2.X Firmware up- and downgrades 
using overall less memory, which removes potential memleaks at high density situations
proper rejecting calls in isdn direction when no DSP Channels are left 
SIP Accounts are automatically enabled in the internal ACL list
now encoding privace,screen,party in Remote-Party-ID
some FXO timeout improvements when call hangs up
using proper ISDN Message (disconnect instead of release_complete) when no dialplan match was found
fixes for preresolve addresses option
fixed issue while firmware updating/downgrading when isgw.gsm configfile was present 
fixed berofix-mib for snmp support
fixed dhcp problem when vlan was enabled 
added rtp_port_selection option (roundrobin, standard)
added callprogress table for ISDN->SIP direction
added SMS functions to berofix API
sending Remote-Party-ID and P-Preferred-ID by default in outgoing INVITES now
added some new country codes to toneset
added a bunch of GUI fixes
properly evaluating ISDN Presentation flags to generate pres/screen for Remote-Party-ID
fixed "no Alerting" problem for call forwarding, to avoid usage of callprogress table
reduced interdtmf sending and dtmf tone length (50ms/100ms), to speed up FXO dialing
fixed overlap_dialing initial timeout
bugfix for using backslashes in the GUI
bugfix that nameserver was not resetted after factory reset
cloud-api fix for reporting CRC errors
fix for ie_on_sip to properly send out correct cause codes
some FXS fixes for the ring voltage booster
fixed problem that SIP OPTIONS could hangup a running call if they have the same Call Id (strange Proxies) 
added rtp_traffic_through_dsp for high load environments
CDR are now enabled by default
some ACL Fixes
added support for the Card SBE Version
fixes for the prefixpriority settings
added crystal clock option in hardware to support island mode (without external ISDN line) 
using channel id for ISDN CONNECT Messages
improvements for t38 handshake 
added option to disconnect call when fax is detected (faxdetect_call_termination)
added support for re-authentication during an active call (for re-invites)
properly submitting free memory to the berocloud
added better dns resolving for multiple IP responses when making a resolve query
fixes to have better MS Lync support
fixed t38 answer to also support 14400 faxes
fixes for potentially assigning DTMF tones to wrong channels (in very high dtmf load environments)
added Malta Toneset

2.2rc4 - 9.12.2011

small fix in FW installer, after an update the new FW version was not properly displayed
added possibility to reset admin pw for berofix apps
a lot of GSM bugfixes
added possibility to send sms from the GUI
rtp packet size now configurable
some gui bugfixes
added rtp_traffic_check config string option, which hangs up calls if no rtp was received for x seconds
added SIP Remote-Party-Id
added Privacy/Anonymity for Remote-Party-Id and P-Asserted-Id
added userapp multi app installer
fixed problem of random call hang-ups especialy in E1 environments, when Facility Messages are received
added System Log to state screen
updated causes-map to have better defaults
3CX wizzard supports now 4FXS Combos and GSM
added analog-Fulltrace option
fixed preresolve_addresses 
fixed GUI portpullup-option problem
fixed analog-noaudio when PCM Bridging problems 
support for beroFix Small Business Edition
fixed no-audio when using PCM with FPGA V8 Problem
fixed no-audio when using 1E1+1E1 Module combinations
added ssh-tunnel to cloud option
fixed eary-audio issue with NT Ports
added Early-Audio Progress Table helper
added little wait for FXO after call ending to remove Ghost Ringing
fixed FXO+GSM Module Combo
fixed Backup&Restore for GSM General Settings
fixed FXS random Call-Drops
fixed analog FXS SDP handling which resulted in no-Audio or no Ringback-Tone-Generation sometimes

2.2rc3 - 6.10.2011

basic GSM Support
overlap_dial fixes for ISDN2ISDN
fix for Hardware Bridging of Non G711 Calls
new cloud-api (with some fixes)
added more info for Fulltraces and coredumps
L1/L2 State changes are logged now in syslog logging
some GUI/ Wizard Fixes
analog 50-90V generation Switch
channel selection direction is now optional (ascending/ descending)
added Basic SIP Refer Handling (berofix works now with swyx)
added ssh_acl
added Facility Passthrough (allows passing of AOC-D or Calldeflection via ISDN-ISDN Routing)
added preresolve_addresses option to not resolve SIP Addresses for some SIP Providers
enlarged config-string buffer, which could cause isgw to not start up properly
fixed some config importer bugs for backup&restore and provisioning
allowing now up to 64 SIP Accounts
added support of getting more than 1 Progress Messages
added beroCapi Status Lamp 
fixed some module combination Problems (1E1 + 4FXS caused a reboot loop) 
added basic avahi support
added basic cifs  support
added support to upgrade the Hardware (no factory reset necessary if a module is added)
added support to keep the SIP Settings during factory reset
stripping kernel modules -> save 500kb of appfs size
added clearmode_on_alaw configuration option 
added BERT (bit error rate test)
added rtp_loopback option (for BERT Echogeneration)
fixed memleak
bugfix that isgw.tones was missing 
added use_privacy_header config option for P-Asserted-Identity Privacy (RFC 3325) 
added possibility to send calls to for failover sip accounts
config importer works now with pcm_bridging option

2.2rc1 - 26.07.2011

fixed migration bugs from 1.x branch to 2.x branch, should work in most scenarios now
added CRC4 Disable option for E1
numerous FXO fixes, including (CID Detection, busy/unobtainable tone detection, 
generic tone detection, usage of single ports in dialplan)
FXS bugfixes, including memory leak fix and callerid generation enhancements
added LLC and HLC ISDN Information Elements to X-BF_Headers (fixes some Data call attempts that didn't work)
don't loose calls if L1 goes down for a moment (ISDN)
4FXS Module No Audio on Port 3 fix
added faxdetection and faxdetection rerouting for FXO
added Progress Message pass-through for ISDN2ISDN
added SIP Response Timers that can either be used in the causes-map or as failover-cause
added support for beroCapi (based on ComISDN)
reduced FXS Connect delay from 1s to 50ms
added FXS option to boost the Ringer to 90V instead of 50V
fixed SIP Refer_To handling, which makes berofix work properly against SwyxWare2011
RTP Ports are now picked round robin, to avoid race conditions
some GUI bugfixes (dialplan copy, activating/deactivating of dialplan rules)
added mandatory CLIP Settings to FXS/FXO
added wizard button to reboot/reset screen

2.1 - 03.06.2011

fixed a major bug, that configuring a failover_timeout could lead to crashes in pstn->sip calls
fixed the problem that the failover_timeout couldn't be deacivated 
added ISDN Pull_Up Option to ISDN Groups
added overlap_dialing to Analog Groups

2.0 - 30.05.2011

fixed logging bug, logging can now safely be turned on again
finally added SNMP support
added berocloud support
added user-provided userappfs support
fixed telnet ACL couldn't be saved bug
added "sync" to fulltrace, which should fix empty fulltrace situations
added basic support for comISDN CAPI bundle
added stripping of libs, which shrinks the FW <5MB again
fixed a small very high load issue, where channels weren't cleared properly
added a lot more tooltips
added some more german translation
use icons instead of CRUD buttons
renamed "UPDATE TOOL" in Menu to "FIRMWARE UPDATE"
fixed 2x 2S02FXS 3CX wizard Modules bug
fixed some 4FXS issues (including long powerup cycles and led problems)
added "keep cloud settings" to factory reset
added "Test Wizard" which helps testing scenarios 
fixed some NT PMP Bugs
fixed bug that upgrading from 1.X to 2.X destroys dialplan and SIP Peer configs

2.0-X - Firmware

2.0rc2 - 03.05.2011

added fxs Callerid-Generation
speed UP FW Update
fixed some NT Bugs
fixed NT bad noise problem
better "active channels" GUI
added failover repsonse codes
CDR's aren't zipped anymore
added invite timeout -> failover
changed clir_on_sip to clir_on_oad (also for analog now)
accountname is now part of the SIP Registration List
dialplan supports NOT matching now (with a preceding !)
added TOS Settings for SIP (default is 160)
added Analog Support to 3CX Wizard
added very basic SIP Refer Handling
added possibility to not send AOC in SIP INFO Messages (aoc_on_sip)

2.0rc1 - 05.04.2011

Debugging has now been replaced by PSTN and SIP Message Logging
Removed the SIP Account Type (Proxy,Registrar,Both), there is now  a "Register = yes/no" option available
Added Support of CRC and general L1 and L2 Error reporting (tooltip in the state screen)
Added Callprogress Table, to modify the behaviour of when to send 180/183 and SDP Messages
Added support of deactivating Dialplan Entries
Renamed overlapdial_* options to interdigit_timeout_*
Added interdigit_timeout_maxdigits option
Added Emergency Header Option (to hangup running calls for an emergency call) 
Limit Dialplan fields in the table view by using "..."
Added SIP Failover Feature
CDR is not zipped anymore (to reduce system load during logrotate)
Added AOCD Parsing (from ISDN to SIP)
Added isgw.info1 and isgw.info2 to Fulltrace
Added channel selection direction (ascending/descending)
Fixed issue that Release Causes where not properly parsed in PMP  
3CX Wizard supports now FXS and Hybrid Module
Type Of Number prefixes can now be prefixed before or after the dialplan is used
Dialplan Entries can now be placed at the beginning during "Add"
Added pstn_src_setting and sip_src_setting to modify the Callerid which is used as Source in the Dialplan
Added CallerID Maps to support SIP Headers like P-Asserted-Identity and others
Fixed PCM Bridging Bugs
Added graphical Port representation in the Hardware Screen
Added X_BF_CONFIG Header that can contain Call-Configuration which overwrites the Dialplan Call-Configuration
Fixed Analog LED issues
Added Firewall Settings in Security screen (to disable http/telnet and bfdetect and to make SIP connections more secure)
Fixed Linetermination Setting issues
Fixed small memleak when reloading dialplan
Fixed Problem that E1 was not usable in 2.0 branch
Added proper Disconnect Sending in ISDN2ISDN calls when the Call fails plus proper Inband audio
Removed Sending of IE Not Implemented Status Messages
Added more tool tipsh

2.0-beta-3 - 17.12.2010

Added CRC Debugging support (Tooltip over the L1 Link Icon in State Gui)
Fixed Portswitch support for Analog
Fixed issue, that analog drivers where not in previous beta Firmwares included
Fixed some analog state machine bugs
Added much better causes map editor
Added '1TR110_DE' - Country to analog to remove Phantom Ringing on FXO Lines
Fixed Backup&Restore Bugs
beautified verbose logs for analog
added 'register_options' sip register peer option, to reduce OPTIONS noise generated by berofix when it registers somewhere (not yet in GUI).
Fixed some GUI issues regarding analog support

2.0-beta-1 - 07.12.2010

Added Analog Support
Added PCM Bridging
Added Firewall Settings
Added Enhanced Dialplan
Added Better Backup&Restore Mechanism
Added TLS Support
Added VLAN Support
Added SIP Failover Support
Added CDR Logging Support to GUI

1.X - Stable Firmware

1.13 - 13.09.2011

1.13 has no relevant changes compared to the 1.13rc8. The changes are only related to the production.

1.13rc8 - 08.02.2011

3CX wizzard callerid-fixes
better ISDN Cause to SIP response Mapping (and configurability)
some fixes regarding CLIR
gui password field-length bug fixed
wizzard doesn't require username/secret in sip anymore
fixed dialplan bug when sip peer used a non standard port
L1/L2 Activates and Deactivates are logged @ level 0 now (PTP)
fixed a bug where possibly some channels could get lost (introduced in 1.13rc3) 
added force_t38_reinvite option
fixed clir_on_sip problem if oad_setting = displayname
added oad_setting option to allow using displayname/from_user in the oad (sip->isdn direction)

1.13rc3 - 04.10.2010

SIP - Sending Firmware Version in UA String
misc.conf added for tftp/http provisioning (to set ntp server) 
Added Reset-Jumper to reset the card via the PCM Bus Connector
Added ISDN Feature-Codes to support MCID by a DTMF Tone Sequence
Added Fulltrace to API
Fixed minor Bug when 2E1 and 1E1 Modules where mixed
Fixed bug that tcpdumps in Fulltrace could get too large
Checking /tmp fill depth now and preventing /tmp to get full
Releasing calls properly when doing a frontend reboot
Added trim for Dialplan Input fields
Added FW image file checking, only proper FW Versions can be installed (note: if you want to downgrade, 
     you need to explicitly put the string "downgrade" into the FW image, e.g. if you want to install 1.12,
     rename the appfs file to appfs-1.12-downgrade.tar.gz)
Added new "Match Type" field for SIP to ISDN Calls in the Dialplan Frontend
Added HW Changes Detection and informing the User via the Frontend now
Fixed the Register issue, that after a while now Register was sent by berofix anymore
Added CDR as log message

1.12 - 08.06.2010

SIP Register @ SER works now
fixed some NT Stack issues (memleaks and performance optimization)
overall performance enhancements of SIP-ISDN-GW Software
added higher timeresolution for syslog prints
fixed summer time issue
some more isdn-sip signalling optimizations
some berofix API fixes
fixed bugs, that the channel id was not encoded properly for outbound calls
beroFix API supports a httpport setting
added allow_sip_183_without_sdp=1/0 to config string (0 -> proper alerting signalling with asterisk and snom)
ignorep8=1/0 to config string (ignorep8=1 -> proper early audio)
Paying attention to the Port when receiving a SIP Moved temporarly (302)
Fixed Timer in TE Stack (start T305 after expiration of T313)
check for clir_on_sip when "d:" is used in dialplan
disabling Echocanceler when Faxtone is detected (and T.38 is disabled)
added syslog Facility setting
allowing "-" and "." in SIP Names/usernames 
added 3CX Wizzard
added regrefresh  (Registration refresh) option
using clir_on_sip as displayname for inbound setups with CLIR (or empty OAD)
added reset (sr) of callstatistics in telnet Interface
speed up "bc" in telnet interface
DTMF with letters a,b,c,d work now
added wait_for_cancel=1/0 Config string option (default 1, supports early audio for not successfull calls, eg. cause:1 unallocated number)
added proper overlapdial for ISDN-ISDN Rules
fixed some config-string ("more") issues in GUI

1.12rc10 - 12.03.2010

Fixed 2 major deadlocks which made berofix not accept new incoming calls on high inbound call traffic
Restructured Frontend in the Management/ Settings Area
Provisioning works now on TFTP & HTTP
added beroFos integration
fixed issue that the MTU was automatically set to 500 after a firmware upgrade, which resulted in several network problems
Partial Rerouting added (calldeflect on Point to Point Lines)
Fixed several ISDN and SIP issues 
Fixed several Frontend issues
Added IE on SIP which makes ISDN-ISDN Routing more efficient
NTP Protocol is now supported (instead of the old time protocol)

1.12rc5 - 01.12.2009

Hardware Bridging enabled between 2 Lineinterfaces
TFTP Provisioning enabled
ISDN-ISDN Routing in Dialplan
and many more ...
More detailed release notes will we published when the 1.12 is released.

1.11zh - 30.07.2009

4S0 memory leak fixed
support for secondary callerid added (CLIP no screening or special numbers are send via displayname now)
send SIP Busy when received a ISDN busy cause (instead of unavailable)
added more locking to prevent a segfault that happens after about 100 0000 calls
fixed a general memory leak
fixed a memory leak when CRC errors or L1 State changes where received
fixed issue that not more than 64 bytes of D-Channel frames can be received with 4S0, for example setups with very long numbers
fixed bug for E1 that channels above and including channel 17 could not be used safely

1.11zb - 23.06.2009

IE Edit Bug fixed
Bridging Bug fixed
Overlapdial Timeouts can be configured again
Codecs and codec orders can be configured now