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When redirecting an originated call from ISDN back to ISDN again, you will probably have no "ringtone". The problem is that the default setting on the Outbound Dialplan rule on the berofix for "Early Audio" is set to 1 (this means activated). If you disable this on the particular Dialplan entry you will have a "ringtone" again, but you will loose the feature Early Audio, which is wanted in the most cases. This FAQ will show you a way how to handle this issue.

To handle this problem we need 1 Inbound Dialplan rule and 2 Outbound Rules on the berofix. See picture.

005 dialplan.png

Inbound Rule:

The inbound rule is pretty default, it has direction ISDN->SIP, and routes everything from ISDN to the 3CX. Please check that the configstring Options (you can
find these by pressing "more SIP") "Early Audio" and "Allow SIP 183" are checked.
direction:SIP-ISDN Destination:rd(.*) New Destination:\1 Source:(.*) New Source:\1 Configstring Options: "Early Audio"=1(checked), "Allow SIP 183"=1 (checked)

Further more we need 2 Outbound rules. One for normal outbound calls from the 3CX which support "Early Audio", and one which generates the "ringtone" for redirected calls. To identify on the berofix which calls are redirected and which are not, we add the prefix "RD" to redirected calls.

Outbound Dialplan Rule for redirected calls:

New Destination:\1
New Source:\1
Configstring Options: "Early Audio"=0(unchecked), "Allow SIP 183"=1 (checked),Wait_for_Cancel=0

Outbound Dialplan Rule for all calls:

New Destination:\1
New Source:\1
Configstring Options: "Early Audio"=1(checked), "Allow SIP 183"=1 (checked), Wait_for_Cancel=1

Please note that the redirected Dialplan rule has to be placed before the other outbound rule, otherwise it will not match. The berofix side is ready and we have to configure the 3CX to prefix redirected calls with "RD". Under Outbound rules 3CX add a new rule like described in the next picture.

005 outboundrules.png
This Dialplan rule will route all calls starting with the prefix "RD" to the berofix, but will not remove the prefix. The berofix needs that prefix to identify that this is a redirected call.

Every extension on the 3CX can redirect calls to the berofix by adding the prefix "RD" to his original number. See picture:

005 redirect.png

This small FAQ show you one way how you can handle the issue with redirected calls on the berofix together with the 3CX.