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This page includes known issues, workarounds and fixes. It has the following levels:

general Symptom Class -> specific Symptom Class -> Symptoms -> Workarounds/Fixes

Random Call Drops

Random Call Drops can have different sources, first it is necessary to identify the source of the calldrop:

* SIP Side
* PSTN Side (ISDN, Analog, GSM)
* beroFix Side

ISDN Side Call Drops

ISDN Call drops can have different reasons, most like the Release cause helps to identify the source of the problem.

Release cause: 102 Timer expired


Calls are dropped randomly, ISDN Debug Files show Release Cause "102" Timer expired. Deeper Analysis with the Wireshark-Filter-Line:

lapd.control.s_ftype == 0x0002

produces a some lines looking like:


then you will most likely have an ISDN Side Problem on this Port.


Try connecting the cable to another port and see if the Rejects follow to the new port. If yes, then either:

* cable
* Central Switch from provider

are broken, contact your provider for assistance.

If the errors stay on the previous ports, it's most likely a broken beroFix modules, which needs replacement.