Implementing a Faxserver with berofix and hylafax under Linux

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To implement a Faxserver with beroFix you require some software components:

1. t38modem (with ptlib and opal)
2. hylafax

There is a binary version of t38modem available for download here:

If you're beroFix hast the IP, then you can start t38modem with:

t38modem --no-h323 -n --ptty /dev/ttyx0 --route 'modem:.*=sip:<dn>@' --route 'sip:.*=modem:<dn>' --sip-redundancy 3 --sip-old-asn --sip-listen


you can also compile t38modem from source, hylafax can be used from the distribution packages.

Under Debian based systems (Ubuntu also) you can install packages via apt-get, then you need at least the following packages:

apt-get install g++
apt-get install flex
apt-get install bison
apt-get install libexpat1-dev

Now you need to checkout the sources from cvs:

cd /root
cvs -z9 -d co ptlib_unix
cvs -z9 -d co -D "5/21/2007 23:59:59" opal
cvs -z9 -d co t38modem

Now we configure and compile pwlib:

cd /root/pwlib
make install

Now we configure and compile opal:

cd /root/opal
rm -r /root/opal/plugins/video
./configure --disable-ivr
make install

Finally you need to compile t38modem:

cd /root/t38modem
make USE_OPAL=1 opt
make USE_OPAL=1 install