Howto use Calldeflection/Partial Rerouting with Asterisk based systems

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Calldeflection (CD) and Partial Rerouting (PR) are supplementary Services that allow the user to redirect an incoming Call to an external Destination. By issuing a CD Request to the Network, the used B-Channels are cleared and the Destination Party will see the correct Callerid of the originating incoming Call. Calldeflection is used on PMP Lines, while Partial Rerouting is the same feature for DDI Lines.

The user can request a CD (or PR) Request with a SIP Transfer. When beroFix is in the state that an incoming Call is routed to Asterisk and Asterisk is either Alerting or Proceeding this call, then Asterisk can send a SIP Transfer to this call with the new Destination Address. BeroFix will then check if calldeflection is enabled and if so will try to request the Network to deflect this call.

Calldeflection can be enabled either in the ISDN Port Group Configuration (by Clicking on "more" and then enable the Calldeflection Button) or in the "more" section of a dialplan entry. When the Call is routed to Asterisk, a sample Dialplan like:

exten => 111,1,Noop(Calldeflection Test)
exten => 111,n,Ringing
exten => 111,n,Transfer(0171555111)

In this Scenario Extension 111 wants to reroute all incoming Calls to his mobile Phone with the extension 0171555111.