Howto use AOC with berofix

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There are different ways how berofix handles AOC-D messages coming in from ISDN (since 2.2 FW):

1. beroFix can transport AOC-D via SIP to another berofix or via ISDN-ISDN to another ISDN Port 2. beroFix can send AOC-D as SIP - INFO messages either with an AOC-Header or in an X-ClientCode Header

AOC-D Passthrough

Since the 2.2 Firmware beroFix supports AOC-D Passthrough via ie_on_sip=yes. This is especially true for ISDN-ISDN Calls.


BeroFix can send AOC-D via SIP Info messages. It encodes the AOC Data either in an AOC Header like Snom Phones understand them. Or it can encode AOC-D in an X-ClientCode Header like Asterisk understands them.

To enable AOC-D as SIP Info add the following option to the sip configuration:


AOC-D in Asterisk CDR

If you set useclientcode=yes in the sip.conf, then asterisk will put the content of the last AOC-D Message into the UserPart of the CDR.