Howto update the FPGA

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The FPGA is a Basic Element on the beroFix baseboard. It has it's own internal Flash which can be updated via the same Update GUI like with the Firmware-Update.

The FPGA Upgrade takes about 5 minutes, it is *VERY Important* that beroFix is not turned off during the upgrade process, otherwise it is only recoverable at beroNet and must therefore be sent back.

Sometimes it happens, that berofix can not reboot automatically after the FPGA update. In these cases beroFix needs to be turned off an on again (or the computer where a berofix card is installed in). Please wait at least 10 minutes after starting the FPGA Update to make sure, that all has been written to the FPGA.

The current FPGA Version is 8 and can be downloaded at:

To install this image, simply go to the beroFix GUI to "Management->Update Tool", upload the image and say "Yes" to the following Question. Berofix should automatically reboot after the FPGA Upgrade. You can double check your current Version and the Success of the upgrade in the "Management->Info" Page.