Howto Hardware Factory Reset

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This Howto describes how to do a factory reset on a berofix device. This could be useful in case of a lost password or in any case where you lost the connection to the berofix device. This Feature works only with Firmware Version > 1.12 and FPGA image Version >= 3. The Hardware Factory Reset deletes all data on the berofix device incl. the firmware and restores the default values. There are 8 steps howto initiate the Hardware Factory Reset.

  • 1. Power off the card/device.
  • 2. In case of a card remove the card from your computer. In case of a Box check if you can access the PCM connector on the rear from the outside, otherwise open the box.
  • 3. Card:Short the two pins horizontal with a jumper ( the yellow marked rectangle see Picture below). Box: Short the two pins vertically with a jumper (the yellow marked rectangle see Picture below)
Bf HWReset1.png PCM Hardware.png

  • 4. In case of a Box Power up the device or in case of a card plug the card in your computer and power up the device.
  • 5. After you power up the device the berofix should be reachable again with the default IP address or a new IP-address. Open your Browser with the address and wait until you get a response from the berofix (this could take a couple of minutes. see picture below).

Hardreset 1.PNG

  • 6. Press the Firmware-Update button (see picture above).
  • 7. Install the new Firmware (see picture below).

Hardreset 2.PNG

  • 8. Power Down the device and remove the Jumper.
  • 9. Power Up the device. The device is now Ready with factory defaults.