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beroFix is an embedded device and has therefore only limited ressources. Especially compared to a Server, berofix is rather small. But beroFix has also some advantages compared to a Server and thanks to it's limited ressources it has no moving part inside and uses only very few power (<5W) this makes beroFix ideal for applications that don't need to much power but must run forever.

In Terms of Hardware beroFix has:

* Dualcore CPU (CSP + MSP)
* DSP 
* 64 MB RAM
* 32 MB Flash
* 2 Expansion Slots for additional Lineinterface Modules (BRI/PRI/Analog/GSM available)
* 100Mbit Ethernet Network Connection
* PCM Interface to couple 2 beroFixes 

Currently the beroFix rootfs + appfs use:

max. 44MB Ram
max. 24MB Flash

So there is currently still: 8MB Flash and about 20MB Ram left for the userappfs.

All 3 Software Partitions (rootfs/appfs/userappfs) are only mounted read-only. There is an additional "conf" Partition with 4 MB Ram (3MB free) which is read-/writeable mounted. This partition is also accessible to the userappfs, so that it can store data here.