Berofix Channel densities

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berofix Channel densities

The berofix product family has a modular concept and consists of a Baseboard and modules you can plug on the Baseboard. The berofix Baseboards are available in 3 different channels densities.

  • berofix 400 (4-16 channels)
  • berofix 1600 (16-64 channels)
  • berofix 6400 (64-128 channels)

Depending on which card you have and which media services you are using your berofix can handle different channels like described on the following table:

Media Functions berofix 400 max.Channels berofix 1600 max.Channels berofix 6400 max.Channels
G.711 incl.HW EC 16 (costs 1) 64 (costs 1) 128 (costs 1)
G.726 incl.HW EC 4 (costs 4) 16 (costs 4) 64 (costs 2)
G.729 incl.HW EC 4 (costs 4) 16 (costs 4) 64 (costs 2)
G.723 incl.HW EC 4 (costs 4) 16 (costs 4) 64 (costs 2)
T.38 4 (costs 4) 16 (costs 4) 32 (costs 4)

Please note that one channel has always both: an IP and a PSTN Leg at the same time.

To make it more clear which card can handle how many channels here some examples:

  • berofix 400. As mentioned above the berofix 400 can handle 4-16 channels. Depending on the services you are going to use the consumption of channels is depending on the services you are using. The berofix 400 is providing max.16 channels. To calculate the channels consumption depending on the services you want to use, you have to divide max. channels G.711 by max. channels specific service. For instance the consumption on the berofix 400 for a T.38 call is 4 (16 max.channels G.711 devided by 4 max.channels T.38 see table above). With these values you can now make your calculation. For instance a berofix 400 can handle at the same time 1 call with T.38 (costs 4 channels) , 2 calls with G.729 (costs 2x4=8 channels) and 4 calls with G.711 (costs 4x1=4 channels). The total for this combination is 16 and can be handled by the provided 16 channels on the berofix 400 board.
  • berofix 6400. As mentioned above the berofix 6400 can handle 64-128 channels. Again the berofix 6400 is providing max.128 channels. While a call with G.711 costs 1 channel, a call with T.38 costs 8 channels (128 max. channels divided by 16 possible T.38 channels). For instance a berofix 6400 can handle 32 calls G.711 (64x1=64 channels), 16 calls G.729 (costs 16x2=32 channels) and 4 calls T.38 (costs 4x4=16 channels) at the same time. The total for this combination is 128 and can be handle by the 128 provided channels of the berofix 6400 board.