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The beroNet Cloud is used to manage a number of beroNet Gateways, cards and appliances. The feature-set includes:

* Remote monitor
* Update firmware remotely
* Back-Up Configuration
* Recover Settings from Backup's
* Quickly Deploy Projects
* Schedule automated tasks
* Receive Alarms
* Remote Manage the Device


There are 2 Versions of the beroCloud the Software-as-a-Service which can be used by beroNet partners with a limited number of devices for free. And the beroNet Cloud Onsite which can be bought and installed on-premise. This document describes the common functionality for both versions. Please refer to the BeroNet Cloud Onsite - Documentation for information about how to obtain and install the on-premise version.

To use the beroNet Cloud Software-as-a-Service you must be an official beroNet solution provider and have a beroCloud account. In your cloud account you must have at least one location.

The beroNet Gateway must have at least Firmware Version 2.2 installed! The beroNet Gateway must have an Internet connection and must have a proper name-server configuration.

How it works

The Device will regularly (every Minute) send an https-request to the beroCloud web-server. In this request it tells the cloud if it is OK (Network, SIP Registration, ISDN Port States, some stats like CPU/Memory and so on).

It will also ask the cloud if the cloud has something to do for this beroFix device. Usually it should have nothing to do unless you have assigned a Task to a beroFix device (e.g. an automated Firmware update).

If it has received a Task, then it will execute this Task.

In Summary the requests come from inside to outside via https, so there's no need to use NAT or modify the Firewall.

First Steps

After you've received your initial login info, you can go to the URL: 

to login.


The home page is the 'Dashboard' which gives you an overview of all the cloud items. Here you can see the Location of your devices in a map, get a list of the last 5 recently managed beroNet Gateways, see your configuration, Firmware and Projects. You can also customize the dashboard by dragging and dropping items in it.

The first thing that you should do is:

1. Change your Password
2. Add your location/s

Change Password

To change your Password go to "Settings->My Account":

Berocloud change pass 1.png

Then click on update user:

Berocloud change pass 2.png

Here you can change your password and click save:

Berocloud change pass 3.png

Add Locations

In order to properly register a beroNet Gateway with the beroCloud, you first need to create a location (e.g. company site). Then you can register new devices with the cloud and can then assign them to the created location/s. Here's how to create a location:

You can create a location at "Settings->My Company":

Berocloud add location 1.png

Then you click on "Create Location":

Berocloud add location 2.png

And here you can fill in your contact details and finally click save.

Berocloud add location 3.png

Now you're able to register beroNet Gateways in your cloud account.

Register beroNet Gateway

The beroNet Gateway register Procedure works as follows:

1. check beroNet Gateway Firmware
2. user your credentials in the beroNet Gateway GUI to register the device

Check proper Firmware

In Order to register a beroNet Gateway you must make sure to have at least Firmware Version 2.2 installed (You can check this in the beroNet Gateway GUI under "Management->Info" and then look at the "appfs-Version").

Berogui info.png

It should look something like this:

Berogui versions.png

Use your credentials in the beroNet Gateway GUI

You can find the Remote management feature at "Management->Remote Management" of the beroNet Gateway GUI. Here you can enter your user credentials, to register the device.

Berocloud cloud key and register device.png

After saving a short message appears which states if device has or has not been registered in the cloud. It should usually look something like this:

Berocloud registered device.png

enable the cloud support in beroNet Gateway

Back in the beroNet Gateway GUI (Management->Remote Management) you can then enable the "enable Cloud" checkbox.

That's it! You're beroNet Gateway device is now connected to the Cloud!

Additional Info

You can find some Information about how the beroCloud Organisation and User Structure works here:

You can get a summary how the beroNet Gateway to cloud Registration works here:

Security concerns

The communication between the beroNet Gateway and the beroCloud is always https encoded. Each device has a unique Cloud Key additionally to identify the device besides the serial-nr. The cloud-service-GUI itself is also accessible via https by your webbrowser, so that your login data can be entered safely.

You can always change the cloud key if you think it might be compromised.

Of course the berocloud server is connected to the Internet, so when you enable the backup feature the complete backup of the beroNet Gateway configuration and settings will be uploaded into the cloud and can therefore potentially be hacked if someone were to able to hack the cloud-service server.

The database-server itself is mysql with the version 5.1.41. Only connections from localhost are allowed to the databaseserver.

The beroCloud server runs the services Apache-2.2.14 which is accessible through the internet and sshd-1:5.3p1 which is accessible only from the beronet office.


Device can not be registered

Please check that you have a proper:

1. Gateway
2. Nameserver

you find these settings in Prefereneces->Network Settings.