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With Skype Connect and beroFix it is possible to connect your legacy PBX with a skype account. This opens up the opportunity to receive skype calls with your normal desk phones.

To connect skype with berofix you need to follow these steps:

1. Create a Skype Business Account
2. Create a Skype account under the Business Account
3. Book some Money on your Skype Connect account and activate Skype Connect
4. Setup a SIP Profile in Skype Connect
5. Configure the SIP Profile in beroFix

Create a Skype Connect SIP Profile

In the Skype Connect Admin Panel create a SIP Profile:


Fill in your Profile Data and associate a skype account with this SIP Profile:


Now write down the SIP Registration Details, which need to be used in the beroFix SIP Account later.


Configure beroFix

SIP Account

In beroFix you need to configure a SIP Account for Skype, make sure to use your previously in Skype Connect create SIP Profile Settings:


Skype requires that the SIP Addresses are not resolved to IP Addresses, you need to tell berofix to not preresolve SIP Addresses in SIP General:


Dialplan Rules

Now configure a Dialplan Rule that sends inbound Skype Calls to your legacy PBX, you can use the "New Destination" to specify the Extension that should be reached when a skype call comes in.


Check the Connection


Now we can check if the SIP Registration works, in beroFix go to the State screen, the green lamp indicates a working registration:


Skype Connect

In the Skype Connect SIP Registration Settings, you can also check the registration state:


Inbound call

Now you can try to call your skype account.