BeroFix and Faxdetection

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beroFix detects faxes in an established voice channel. There are different options to handle detected faxes:

1.) T.38 
2.) Faxcall Rerouting
3.) Faxdetect Call Termination 

By default berofix attempts to establish a T38 connection when it detects a faxtone. This behaviour can be disabled by modifying the SIP Account settings. In "more"/"advanced settings" the T38 option can be modified.

Faxcall Rerouting

Whenever berofix detects a fax in a call, it can end this call and re-route it to a different SIP extensio and even to a different SIP Server. This can be configured in the additional configurations area in each PSTN Group.

There are 2 Settings:

faxdetect_extension - the new extension where the faxcall should be routed to
faxdetect_proxy     - one of the pre-configured SIP account names

Faxtdetect Call Termination

When a call is sent to a PSTN line and a fax is detected at the far end, berofix can hangup this call and send a defined hangup cause to the SIP Side. The setting can be configured in the additional configuration area in each PSTN Group:

faxdetect_call_termination=$reason-string  - the reason string is used in the SIP Bye Message