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The 16FXS Gateway is a standard beroNet Gateway with 2x8FXS Modules pre-installed. It can be used to connect analog devices like Phones, modems, Fax machines, alarm systems, EC Cash Terminals and much more.

FAX Version

There is a version with a bf400 baseboard and another one with a bf1600 baseboard. The bf1600 system is called BN16FXS_FAX because it can handle up to 16 simultanous T.38 Calls (find more info about the different channel densities here.)


Each of the 4 RJ45 Ports contains 4 FXS Ports. The Pinout is defined here.

Breackout Box

The Gateway is mostly used together with the BNBreackout Box. The breackout box is connected by 4 network cables with the gateway and has 16 RJ45 Connectors for each of the 16 FXS Ports.

Patch Cable

There is also a Patch Cable available which is 10m long and has an RJ45 on the one side and an open end on the other side.


The Configuration is similar to the 4FXS modules configuration. See the beroNet Gateway Configuration and especially the Analog Settings.

The 16FXS gateway is often used to connet analog phones as internal extensions of an ipbx. Please see the following info on how to achieve this scenario: FXS as internal Extension.