Advanced Dialplan Features

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Advanced Port Group and Dialplan Features

Sip Arrays

in the port group section of the Beronet Voip Gateway SIP configuration the fields user, address and secret can now have a comma separated list of values.



If address has less entries then user, then the last given value will be used. If user has less entries than the address field the user array will be filled up. These can now be referenced in the dialplan.

In from direction:
If FROM_ID is p:pbx, any call from the pbx will be accepted. if from ID is d:pbx any call from the pbx matching one of the user names will be accepted. If d:pbx:user1 the specific user has to match.

In to direction:
If TO_ID is p:pbx, currently the first user in the array will be called (this maybe subject to change, e.g. group calls). If TO_ID is p:pbx:user2 the second user in the array will be called.

Variables in the dialplan

FROM_ID an TO_ID now may contain variables. Every variable available at call start can now be used to modify the FROM_ID or TO_ID.


In the configuration of an analog port group an array called clip can be set with values which variables can be accessed in the dialplan. Example:


TO_ID could be p:pbx:${clip} and with above example would resolve to p:pbx:user1


A new special variable clip2port was introduced, which allows to access an analog port by its clip for sip to analog calls.

TO_ID could be ${clip2port[${to_user}]}. This would select the analog port associated with the clip that matches ${to_user}.